Sports Teams

     A day on the Ropes Course can provide an opportunity away from outside influences to become more aware of how you perform in challenging situations as well as how you manage your thoughts, emotions and communicate with your teammates. In this protected environment, you can form solid bonds between and among your team mates that will sustain you in your competitive lives on the field of play and beyond.


Discover a new Team

Sports teams face a multitude of challenges and expectations along with the need for personal performance and seamless teamwork. The Challenge Course offers a fantastic opportunity for teams to take a step off the field/court and discover their strengths as well as areas they can improve.

Working on team communication through collaborative games and challenges offers insight in to the team's dynamics and a chance to discuss how to improve communication in an environment outside of the framework of practice or a game. 



The Ropes Course also offers the chance for individual team members to test themselves and walk away with an enhanced awareness and understanding of the emotions they experience in a challenging situation. They also become aware of how their teammates are experiencing challenges and gain a clearer understanding of the different strengths the entire team manifests. 

Through this process players will gain a clearer awareness/understanding of the different roles that each must play to achieve their common goals as well as build lasting bonds while having a great experience together off the court!