Corporate Team Building

Creating true change in the workplace can be challenging. Challenge Sonoma can provide the environment that your group needs to break-down boundaries and establish new levels of respect, communication and effective teamwork.

The Corporate Challenge Day

We work with you prior to your arrival at the challenge course to discover what your team’s goals are and what kind of experience you want to achieve. Some objectives are: increased trust, improved communication, accountability, better teamwork, collaboration and getting to know each other better. From this initial conversation we design a day to enable your team members to experiment with, learn and discuss the goals that you have picked.

The day often includes problem solving and trust building activities along with low elements in the beginning and transitions to high elements requiring harnesses, helmets and belay later in the day.

Challenge Sonoma is designed for each participant to set personal goals (maybe even go past it)  and provide a safe and inclusive environment. We provide opportunities for your group members to participate at many levels, even if they do not wish to climb in the high elements.



The challenge course ropes and climbing events can provide inspiration by seeing how far your co-workers can go with the team's support and gives your group opportunities to discover real growth that you can take back to the workplace.

Please contact us to discuss your group’s goals and how we might support you and your program in much the same way you hope to empower and impact the people you work with.